Answered By: Emma Sansby, BA (Hons) MA MCLIP
Last Updated: 04 Oct, 2018     Views: 196

It could be one of several things.  Consider the questions below and if nothing works email us at

  • Are you using the correct username and password? You should use your B number and password (same as Blackboard).
  • When you try to log in to the e-book / article do you see a login page that has BGU branding on it and is headed "Log in to BGU library e-resources"?  If not, you may be trying to access a resource that our library doesn't subscribe to.  This can happen if you use a search engine to find resources instead of using WorldCat or our A-Z Databases site. 
  • Can you login OK, but get an error message when you try to open the e-book / article?  In this case there may be a problem with the actual resource: please contact the Library at the email address above (including details of what you are trying to access) and we will investigate the problem.