Answered By: Emma Sansby, BA (Hons) MA MCLIP
Last Updated: 10 May, 2016     Views: 139

If you lose a library book or other resource please tell us straight away, especially if it is overdue (any fines will stop accruing once the item is reported lost).    We will carry out several searches in the library to make sure that it has not been returned and if it is not found we will ask you to either pay for a replacement copy or provide a replacement copy yourself.  However, if the book is subsequently found we will refund the replacement cost or, if you prefer, give you back the replacement copy you supplied.   We will only refund the replacement cost if you can produce the receipt we issued to you, or, if you supplied a replacement copy, if you can produce evidence of how much you paid for it. 

If you are the victim of a crime which results in library books being stolen (your car is stolen with library books in it for example) and you can provide us with a Police crime reference number no further action will be taken.