Answered By: Emma Sansby, BA (Hons) MA MCLIP
Last Updated: 10 May, 2016     Views: 103

Stapling, folding and/or hole punching are features known as finishing and are available on the colour copier-printers only.  If you require finishing on photocopies look for the Finishing tab on the touch screen.  If you require finishing on prints set your preferences using the Finish tab (under Printer Preferences) before sending the job to print.

Please note that the hole punch facility punches 4 holes and cannot be changed to 2.

Although finishing facilities are only available on colour devices, it is possible to print (and finish) in black & white on a colour printer, whilst only being charged black & white prices.   Simply choose the colour print queue, go to Printer Preferences, click on the Quality tab, and set the Select Colour option to Gray Scale.